Friday, June 11, 2010

My Deals this Week!

Just wanted to share some of my recent Goodwill and yard sale finds! I've always loved to shop, but I'm so into second hand bargains lately!

I found this plate at Goodwill. Won't it be even prettier with a cake on it?! :)

Thought I'd try some ribbon going through all the holes... I think it's cute!

I love serving dishes! White is probably my favorite with clear not far behind.

A couple vases...

I am planning on redoing my kitchen (walls and cabinets and countertops) in the next few weeks; these are some things I found that I plan to use in the "new" kitchen. I'm going with red, black, and white by the way.

Big plate from Goodwill... I looove this pattern!!

Small red vase:

Pottery Barn picture frame also found at Goodwill:

This Norman Rockwell metal picture came from a consignment shop:

I think I'll hang it in the back entry/hallway that leads to my kitchen.

Scrapbook from Goodwill; I've been wanting one for the pages I've done for Caden:

Speaking of Caden, I also found some things for him, but nothing new there. :) He loves Thomas the Train! This is Thomas, James (red), and Percy (green); James and Percy go when you press the engineer's heads. His Aunt Brandy had just bought him the Thomas one like these.

And a few books from Goodwill and the same consignment shop as the Norman Rockwell picture.

So I spent between $10 and $12 and got allll that! I'm still happy about everything!! I got a couple other things too but am saving them for some before and after posts.

Thanks everybody for stopping by and reading!

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  1. If you got all of that for 12 dollars or less, you really know how to stretch a dollar! Wow!

  2. All that for 10 to 12 can't beat that! I love the black and white dish, and the red vase...seems like a color theme to me to start:) Thanks for joining in on the many good ones this week, I have had a blast looking at them!~

  3. Wow! You have scored. I love it when that happens. All your treasures are wonderful. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  4. Thanks for the comments! Yep, nothing was over $1.99, and that was the Pottery Barn frame!

  5. You did score at Goodwill! Great finds. The Goodwills where we live are always PACKED so it is hard to find good stuff sometimes.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! Following you as well now! :)

    Also, Sorry that it is KY and not GA. But this place might just be worth the drive! lol

  6. Wow! You found some great treasures! What a wonderful idea!

    Mrs. White

  7. What good deals! Can't wait to see your kitchen redo.

  8. Way to go!! I love great finds! I'm jealous of the Thomas the Train finds. My 4 yr old is obsessed!

  9. I found you while blog hopping.....

    MMMMM, Goodwill I *heart* you!

    You scored with the plates and thomas the train set.Also the plate with the Damask is beautiful!

  10. Hooray!!! Someone else that enjoys the thrill of the hunt.

  11. You racked up! I LOVE Goodwill and yard sales, but the closest Goodwill to my house is 45 mins. away. :( I think my favorite of your finds would have to be the scrapbooking book for Caden. Thank you for stopping over at my place! I'd love to try your dip, if you are willing to give the recipe out.

  12. Just found your blog! Can't wait to go through your posts...I love party planning too (one of the huge perks of being a mom)! You found some great stuff!

  13. You had a great haul. I love the white plate and damask plate. Those are beautiful for decorating.

  14. Wow! Some really great finds. I actually have the white plate you put the ribbon through... but I paid full price for it 4 years ago from Southern Living at Home. Still, though... I love it! : )


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