Thursday, May 13, 2010

Parades and Festivals and Fun

I have had a busy few days! So busy that I have two posts I need to do tonight, but one may have to wait until tomorrow. This past Saturday was our annual Sweet Onion Parade and Festival! Glennville is a small town known for farming, but more specifically, growing onions. We're about 40 minutes from the town of Vidalia, even more "famous" for onions, the Vidalia sweet onion. I'm not crazy about onions, but I do enjoy the parade and festival every year. :)

My sister owns a preschool/daycare, and I work with her a couple days a week. For the last few years, we have entered a float in our local parade. This year, the name of the preschool--Little Rascals--was also our float theme. So yes, we went all out with a Little Rascals clubhouse theme!
This first picture is of the entire float:

This next collage of pictures is of the clubhouse (front, back, and each side). My brother-in-law built it, and my sister and I decorated it. We had a girls side and a boys side.

And the last one is some decorating we did to the front of our float. We made signs like we were selling lemonade but, as you can see, scratched that out to make it look like the kids were selling onions instead! ...since it was allll about the sweet onions! We even filled a lemonade dispenser with onions. And would you believe we actually sold two bags while riding through the parade!

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