Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bedtime Story Baby Shower

I'm late posting about this because it's been over a week ago that we threw this shower. It was for a friend of mine who is also my sister's cousin by marriage. She is expecting a baby girl... tomorrow actually!

We used this napkin for our color scheme:

Pink, lavender, yellow, green, and some brown... polka dots and rubber duckies.

Our actual theme was a Bedtime Story shower. Each guest was asked to sign a book for the baby instead of a card. Everyone loved the idea of building the baby's library; she left with a big stack of books along with her gifts!

We set up four tables with one end against the wall and made each one look like a bed. We used tablecloths as the “sheets” and then added two or three pillows, a stuffed animal or doll, and a book to each one. Each “bed” was different but coordinated with the theme and colors. Finally, above each “bed” we hung a mobile that I made using rubber duck cutouts and polka dots, all done with my Cricut of course. Finally, we set a plate, napkin, and glass at each seat.

This is a closeup of each "headboard":

These are some cutouts we hung above the food bar:

They were bedtime words snuggle, rest, goodnight along with polka dot cutouts in different coordinating paper.
On the gift table, we had a "Wishing Tree" where each guest wrote a wish or word of advice for the mom to be. It was a big hit!

And the actual gift table:

See the pink bear on the left end? That was one of the cutest things I've seen at a baby shower! It was like a diaper cake, but it was tricycle!
I had a picture of the gift table after all the gifts had been opened, as well as that stack of books, but I accidentally deleted it off of my camera before I transferred all the pictures to my computer. :(

This was a bag I found and then added the baby's name to it. I used it as my gift bag and put an outfit, socks, hairbows, and a bib inside.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Everything looks great. I'm sure the mommy-to-be loved it. And the "beds" were a cute idea. You have such amazing talent.

  2. Such a lucky baby!

    There's an award for you at my blog


  3. What sweeeettt comments!! Thank you both so much!!

  4. Pleased to know about bedtime story baby shower. We are looking for one of stunning venue New York for my father’s birthday next month. Searched many of them online and hoping to book it soon. Also bought a beautiful watch to surprise him.


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