Sunday, September 12, 2010

So Far Behind!

Since I started this blog, there've been times that I had to look for and find something to write about. Right now though, I have so much that I can share but can't seem to find the time! I love blogging--writing my own and reading others--but in my "free" time when I can blog, there always seems to be a higher priority with something else or something with a deadline. Especially lately, with my kitchen, showers and birthday parties, church functions, and of course the day to day things.

I haven't blogged in several weeks, yet much of what's kept me away from are things to blog about! I'm pretty much done with my kitchen, and I love it! I still have the countertops to do, and I think I'll wait for those before I post pictures of the finished product. :) So many "little" projects were done IN the kitchen though that I'm going to try to blog about some of those in the meantime. And I also have a few other projects plus showers, parties, etc.

So here I go... again....

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