Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Awards! Wow!!

This post finds me behind in the blogging world because I should have seen this weeks ago; however, for some reason, I didn't realize I had been given an award until my blogging friend Allison clued me in! I even read her post and STILL missed it! Aaahh I feel sooo bad!

So to Allison... first of all, I'm sorry for not seeing sooner; second, THANK YOU for the award; and third, I'm glad you didn't decide to take it back because I didn't accept it in the first place. ;) If you haven't chekced out Allison's blog, A Glimpse Inside, you should definitely make time to do that! Let me tell ya, she is one talented girl! I started following her when she first started her blog and look how many fans she has now!! Yay for Allison!

Alright, so on to the award:

As I've said, Allison at A Glimpse Inside gave this to me. I now have to share 10 interesting facts about myself. I am "stealing" some from an award that I just posted about yesterday, and I will add a few new ones.

1 - I am the oldest girl in a family of nine children! I have six brothers and two sisters: three older brothers, three younger brothers, and two younger sisters.

2 - I love going to the gym and exercising, but I hate to be there alone. I get bored!

3 - I'm married to a man who helps with the dishes. Isn't that awesome?!

4 - I only went to public school for about six weeks in the 7th grade; the rest of my education was through homeschooling (til 2nd grade) and private schools.

5 - I'm a Military baby. My dad was in the Army for 13 years.

6 - If I could meet one person, it would be Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson... hands down!

7 - I love to shop! There's nothing else to add; that says exactly what I want it to. :)

8 - Pizza and spaghetti are two of my favorite meals!

9 - I can't stand not having all the pieces to Caden's toy sets in their "homes" (all the balls to his crawl and cruise jungle, all the tools to his Handy Manny book in place, all the shapes to his cookie jar shape sorter, all the monkeys in their barrel... everything has a place.). My husband says I'm OCD. :}

10 - I regret not going to college right out of high school... but am happy that I did finally go!

And now to pass this award to some blogging friends of mine:

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  1. Love getting to know more about you! And thanks so much for sending so much love my way! :)


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