Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Minute Decorating

On the first Monday of every month, we have a ladies meeting (WSM = Women's Service Ministry) at my church. They're basically the same every month--food, prayer requests, we discuss the ministries we're involved in and any upcoming events, watch a video or have a special speaker, you get the point--but sometimes we'll do something special for a holiday or such. Every month, my sister and I try to come up with a theme and decorate for the meetings. Well this coming Monday is our May meeting, and I have to admit that it has sneaked up on me! Last year, we had a big mother daughter banquet. This year, the ladies voted to do something for the dads of the church next month (Father's Day is June 20th) instead of having another banquet for us moms and daughters. We'll still have our May meeting though, which means that I will still be decorating, but I am still not as prepared as I like to be!

I've decided to use some green tablecloths that I have; they're a bright green but not quite lime. I'm doing polka dots, but I haven't decided yet if I am going with black and white or pink and orange. This is a picture of my colors against one of the tablecloths.

I'm going to also have a theme, probably "Mom's Love Hits the Spot" to go along with the spot/dot theme. I know that I'll have dots on the tables, but I'm still thinking about exactly what to do for centerpieces. Oh the ideas in my head!!

I found these Martha Stewart tissue paper pom poms that I really want to do, buuuttt the ceilings are high at the church, so I'm not sure if that's going to work out or not.

Let me get back to brainstorming....

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  1. Oh, yay...I get to be the first commenter...again. Cute theme idea for Mother's Day!


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